Vanity Jewellery on national TV, January 2006
On Friday the 27th of January, Vanity Jewellery was featured on the news on Swedish TV-channel TV4. Kristina Hallberg from Vanity Jewellery was talking about the latest trends in jewellery fashion. The programme can be seen at the following link:

Swedish magazine Femina shows jewellery from Vanity, #1, 2006
The leading Swedish woman’s magazine Femina shows jewellery from the Grace and Frankie collections. Please visit Femina.

Swedish magazine Tid & Smycken, # 4, 2005
A spread in the Swedish magazine Tid&Smycken presents the company and the new concept Vanity Jewellery. Jewellery from the Vanity collections are presented throughout the magazine. Please visit

Vanity goes Nordic, September 2005
Vanity Jewellery is being introduced to the Nordic countries with sales representatives in Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Vanity™ © BEH Bengt Hallberg