Jewellery speaks to our vanity. It is only a matter of daring to accept this fact and allowing it to brighten our daily lives. And you need no plastic surgery to become beautiful. A striking piece of jewellery and a mirror are sufficient.

Vanity Jewellery is a creative concept of craftsman-made jewellery with true gemstones in precious metal settings. It is based on many years experience of traditional goldsmith's work and consists of several collections which will live and grow. Items will be added to the collections - some will be replaced.

Vanity Jewellery reflects influences from the world of exclusive mode, captured and adapted to give more people the opportunity to express their vanity. For this reason we make it possible to remodel your own familiar jewellery to something new and exciting from the collections presented at this website.

Own up to your vanity - be prepared to be seduced!

Smycken, förlovningsringar och vigselringar från Vanity Jewellery representeras bland annat av kollektionen Grace
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